I chose this one because its sad to see the little kid looking starving.
I chose this one because it looks cool and dangerous. Not many would this nowadays.
i chose this picture because it looks controversial and its something you wouldn’t see everyday.


A JPEG file is quicker to process than a RAW file. RAW files have better image quality than a JPEG. Sharing RAW files is much harder than sharing a JPEG. JPEGS are compressed and condensed but RAW files are not.

JPEGS are 6 times smaller than RAW because RAW photos are compressed.

You can change a RAW file into a jpeg by storing two versions of the photo, but this can cause some issues like things will take longer to back up and the camera will slow down when shooting RAW. Other than that, the photo will look like you shot in a JPEG to begin with.

I would shoot in jpeg because it won’t take up a lot of storage.